About Our Online Store

Fat Mouf was started by two friends Horane Allison and Terrance Thomas. They both have a spirit of competitiveness. These two friends will compete on anything, down to who can tie their shoestrings fastest. Their love for always wanting to win in everything was the root of the creation of the Fat Mouf App.

The Fat Mouf App is a social platform for likeminded people. The Fat Mouf app was created to provide a safe environment to find people with similar interest. When using Fat Mouf you can chat with anyone from anywhere about common interest and after you find your network of people with common interest you can then challenge an individual or a group of friends. In Fat Mouf you create all the terms, from the start time to finish, to the duration, to the venue/place, and the favor for the eventual winner. Fat Mouf is a great way to get competitive with people with common interest.